Data Security

„We treat our customers and their valuable Data seriously.“

We, along with our group companies, take the customer requirements regarding data protection very seriously. For example, as per Section 9 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), all agencies that process personal data are required to take technical and / or organizational measures to ensure that the security and protection requirements of the BDSG are met. We strictly follow the below rules to keep our customers' data safe. security...

To ensure data security, ESC Utility Systems Consulting GmbH has taken the following organizational measures:

  • Access control
  • Entry control
  • Transfer control
  • Input control
  • Job control
  • Availability control

...secrecy of data...

All employees of ESC Utility Services Pvt. Ltd. are also trained in data protection-relevant topics during their induction/training period and are bound by contract to protect data secrecy in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act. The declaration signed by them states the following:

“On the basis of § 5 BDSG, we are not permitted to process, make known, make accessible or otherwise use personal data unauthorized to a purpose other than the one for the respective legal task fulfillment. This also applies in the same way to all matters outside ESC Utility Services Pvt. Ltd. (in particular, customers and prospective customers), of which we become aware as part of our activities.

The duty to maintain data secrecy remains the same even after the termination of the employment relationship. This obligation complements the employment-related secrecy rules which continue to apply in full. I have taken note of these obligations and hereby expressly accept them. I am aware that I may be punished for violations of data secrecy.”