Our service areas

„Whatever areas we served, our happy customers wanted to retain us and gave confidence to scale up our capabilities.“

Our support and management team are highly experienced in the areas and industry which we focus on. All members of the management team have been involved in the IT and related consulting branches for more than 25 years.

Soon after our firm was established, we seized opportunities to serve customers in the following focus areas:

  • Business Process Management / Outsourcing (BPM / BPO) in SAP, Wilken etc. and other software platforms
  • Market research
  • Digitalization support tasks such as Data capturing into systems
  • Application development (web, mobile)
  • Software development
  • Website development and content management


Please find more details on our areas of services and references by clicking on the links below:

...Business Process Management/Outsourcing...

As a result of our long term vision and strategy, utility industry customers enjoy the hassle-free, IT-enabled services which we provide for Business Process Management. In BPM / BPO potential segments, we guarantee our customers the following:

  • We help our customers to improve their competitiveness
  • We offer our clients market role-specific process support
  • We provide “case-closing” process handling in SAP IS-U
  • We assure the quality of staff with a minimum university degree and experience in SAP ERP or other similar IT platforms
  • We are ready to work as per the client calendar or on demand in 2-shift operations
  • We offer fixed prices for each work item or work based on competitive hourly rates
  • We have a standardized reporting for quality assurance and billing
  • As proof of our quality and delivery process we can provide references regarding our projects / processes carried out for power distribution companies in the following areas:

    • Metering point identification in the context of supplier changing processes
    • Validation of meter reading results in the context of metering and device management processes
    • Administration of contractual data, such as changes in the tariff data, adjustments of bank data, discount plans etc.
    • Maintenance of customer master data, such as change of names or the adjustment of address data etc.
    • External grid meter data validation

...Market research...

Together with our sister company, ISI Management Consulting GmbH, we have carried out exclusive web-based research on market data capturing, validation, analysis, authentication checks etc. based on customers’ business requirements.

– “Entgeltdatenbank MSB” is an extensive research project pursued by our team to collect and compare the prices of all measuring point operators in Germany for their products: intelligent Metering Systems (iMSys) and modern smart Meters (mM).

...Digitalization, especially technical data for asset management purposes...

We are one of the first companies who gave confidence our clients to move ahead with converting their archived documents with critical data to digital format.

With our unique semi automated solution, we are able to  support any Digitalization process with minimum cost and fastest way.

...Application development (web, mobile)...

As part of innovation ideas, we have designed, developed and deployed our own Web, and iOS and Android based applications which supports our partners ease of  handling some key activities.

So if you are looking for a partner for developing your own Apps we are there.

...Software development...

If you are looking for any sort of Software development related to your business or Processes, we are there to utilize our skills and our development partners in various Software platforms to help you.

...Website development and content management...

We are happy to offer our experiences from our clients’ and our own projects to those seeking a reliable partner.

If you are looking for a partner to support you in the modernization of your business by means of websites and content management etc., we are ready to help you to re-design, re-engineer or build completely new and modern technology platforms.