About us

„We are the IT back office service provider for many Energy, Water and Gas distribution companies.“

...What we offer...

We offer seamless management of business processes thanks to which our customers can focus on faster economic and strategic business growth rather than waiting for future business plans.

Whether it is a conventional or modern technology-based automation process, we are equipped to provide the support needed for our customers within a short time span.

In addition to this, we meet the needs of our customers when it comes to utilizing up-to-date technology and the availability of huge databases to prominently position their businesses.

Currently our core skills are in:

  • Business Process Management / Outsourcing (BPM / BPO) in SAP and Wilken etc. and other platforms.
  • Market Research
  • Digitalization, especially technical data for asset management purposes
  • Applications development (Web, Mobile)
  • Software development
  • Website development and Content management

...How we work together...

We ask our new customers to test our skills and quality at our expense. Soon the business relationship becomes a long-term relationship.

Our sister and parent companies also join forces to give our customers the best out of the box services using all highly motivated teams in the group.

...How do we deliver...

We believe in not making sales mimics, rather in quietly delivering exactly what our customers want.

Our delivery processes are well defined and coordinated with our dedicated Indo-German teams who work together like a family. Our customers and their satisfaction are our constant focus.

We are open and equipped for working remotely (offshore), on customer sites or nearshore (from our office locations) irrespective of time zones or holidays.